Editor’s Note, August 2014: You may find some of the information below outdated, as it was written specifically for 2013’s festival. It still has lots of good info, but you might want to…

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With TIFF starting less than a month away we’ve been reflecting on festivals past, and on our first experiences in attending. There is so much to see and do at the festival that for us it is the Must See/Do event of the year, but I have realized that not everybody feels this way. On the TTC you can’t help overhearing conversations, and when an event you are passionate about gets mentioned your ears perk up. But more often than not this is what I’m hearing from people:

– The process is too confusing
– People are only there for the celebrities anyway, no one actually sees movies
– I don’t know if I’m going to see anything, I haven’t even looked at the schedule
– The lines are too long
– I have no idea where to begin, I’ve never even gone once

Which breaks mah heart, let me tell you. TIFF is an amazing time in the city, a chance to experience something new (and often First!), and yes, to mingle with the star-power behind the films. TIFF is lauded internationally as being the most accessible festival, meaning that the average Joe can experience world premiers right in their neighborhood. The filmmakers love coming because even though their works have already passed through test screenings, this is the first time they get instant feedback from the viewing public. And then we get to pick their brains!  What is not to love?  But still, we do understand how daunting it all can be for the first-timer, so here at The Roaming Life we are assembling an easy-to-follow guide to getting the most out of the festival.  In the coming weeks you can look forward to:

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Better still, if you have any requests for topics please let us know!  Till then, happy TIFF planning!