When you think of TIFF typically the first thing that comes to mind (after movies) is Glamour. The stars descend on the city and every bar and club does its best to be the big name that will draw in the most talent that year. But what if you already have a brand to draw on, and the privacy of a members-only environment to offer solitude and fun to the visiting stars.  If you’re Nikki Beach you just have to put up your signature tee-pee and wait for the celebs to come to you.


Nikki Beach, an international brand, signals classy good times wherever it appears. For TIFF they took over the secretive Spoke Club to offer their members and guests an oasis from the festival chaos.  They transformed the space into their signature all-white mode and prepared for the onslaught.

Beautiful rooftop bar.
The hippest glass of bubbly in the city


A lovely brunch was served. You gotta have brunch.

For those popping in between galas and parties, Nikki Beach teamed with Rowenta Beauty to offer a hair touch-up station, which of course I took advantage of.

But as day gave way into night the pulse picked up and Events began!  Such as a fashion show:

NBfashion1NBfashion 2

Live DJ entertained the crowds:

As the fever increased Nikki Beach was graced with some of Hollywood’s hottest, such as Clive Owen and Jason Bateman!

The excitement could not be contained and Nikki Beach Toronto became a hot destination for TIFF’s best.

Nikki Beach’s reputation precedes it, and it’s not hard to see why.  They know exactly what the city and celebs need and create the ultimate festival hotspot. But, like all good things it is fleeting, and has ended for the year. But you can be sure that I’ll go back next year – you should never pass up the chance to go to the beach!


(Photos of Teepee, DJ, Fashion Show, Party, Brunch, Jason Bateman, Clive Owen & by Tyler Rumi)

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