With TIFF 2012 being the first year I’ve been able to guarantee attendance to every day of the festival, it is also the first time I’ve purchased a multi-pack of tickets. Chantelle and I each got a 10-pack to start and will fill up the rest of the days when single tickets go on sale next Sunday. Chantelle is our strategist for 2012 and has done an heroic effort of wrangling the film choices for three different people (@Ahlicake is our third, and Chantelle’s her longtime TIFF companion).

Chantelle built two mockup schedules to help game out our ticket selection, because one ticket pack gives you one selection start time. Some films will go faster than others so we used our first window at 9am yesterday to get our absolute must haves: Everybody Has A Plan, The Hunt and Byzantium. Those are movies that all three of us will attend together, and are the first showings for each. It means a lot that we’re cementing our tradition of seeing a Mad Mikkelesen film together, as well as a Viggo flick. Chantelle and I saw the amazing Violet & Daisy last year so apparently Saoirse Ronan is becoming a part of my TIFF traditions as well.

Chantelle had taken care of the first ticket selection round so when 11am rolled around it was my turn. We locked down our next must-sees: Key of Life, Great Expectations, Lawrence Anyways, and Much Ado About Nothing. I cannot begin to praise the new ticket selection process enough. We were at Fan Expo at the time so we had to do it on my phone. I was worried about navigating a mobile version of the site, but it was easy as anything. The developers for the new site deserve some hearty congratulations and probably some free beer. They’ve turned what used to be a stressful and grueling process into a snap. From your first film selection a timer starts giving you one hour to complete the entire procedure. I was finished in less than 10 minutes and once again that was on a smartphone. Now, I can’t begin to guess what site traffic will be like on the 2nd when ticket sales are opened up to the general public, but barring outages I foresee a similarly enjoyable experience.

We did hit a major snag when we tried to select the Midnight Madness screening of Seven Psychopaths. When I brought the film up on the schedule the screening we planned to attend was completely missing. We did a Twitter search and it turned out that we weren’t the only ones confused. Finally we found out that Seven Psychopaths’ first screening had been reclassified as a Premium showing and won’t be available until the 2nd. I predict somewhat of a free-for-all when that screening comes up for grabs next weekend.

So with the tentative loss of Seven Psychopaths I was left with an extra ticket. I elected to use it on one frivolous choice and grabbed a single seat for Cloud Atlas. I’ve never read the book, but the trailer has drawn me in and I’m sure I won’t regret it.

Once next weekend’s selection process is complete I’ll update with my full schedule. For now, courage!