After the amazing success with the ticket pack selections I was excited to see how the single ticket purchase mayhem would play out. The result: not bad. In total we waited about an hour to get our tickets, though it took 3 computers, three phones, and an iPad to get in. The virtual waiting room was a house of lies: The countdown was by seconds, and once it hit zero – it would re-set and give me an even higher number of seconds to wait out. It’s better than the site crashing completely (it only went down on us once), and I do appreciate the efforts, buuuut… As Chantelle pointed out though, complaining about a virtual waiting room on the Internet is the epitome of #FirstWorldProblems. All said and done it was pretty painless and I thank the developers for the improvements to the system.

Immediately on getting in to the purchasing area I tried for the Midnight Madness screening of Seven Psychopaths but it was already sold out. I can only hope for more to be released on the day-of, because I was really hoping to attend. Martin McDonagh (In Bruges) directs Colin Farrell again and it looks hilarious. If someone has some tickets that they don’t really want, I’m just sayin’ I’d give them a good home.

My second disappointment was Argo. I know that it’s getting theatrical release, and I know that I’ll have a million opportunities to see it, but I wanted to see it at the festival and be a part of the experience. I haven’t given up, but I am also slowly being driven mad by the fact that ticket availability seems to be in limbo: it gives me the “Select Tickets” button, but then informs me they’re sold out? What is happening??

But it’s not all complaints! We actually got everything else that we wanted, between the ticket pack purchases and a very well organized team effort on the single tickets. We even got tickets for some friends who will be coming in from the States. So far I’m seeing 12 films, which is not shabby for 10 days. I was hoping to see one for every day of the festival, but with Argo still up in the air that remains to be seen. Full schedule to follow!

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