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TO Indie Film Fest: The Rep


What started as a web series to promote the theatre, grew rapidly into a social commentary on the state of Repetory Cinema itself, as first-time filmmaker Morgan White takes us on a journey alongside Nigel Agnew, Charlie Lawton, and Alex Woodside for the opening, and (spoilers) ultimate closing of the Toronto Underground Cinema.

TO Indie Film Fest Opening Night Feature: Roaming


Roaming is the story of a man named William setting out to create his own independence, albeit at a much later age than most.
It follows his story as he tries to get a job, the struggles he encounters with room-mates as he leaves his father’s house, and perhaps most importantly, his foray into love and dating for the first time.

Not an easy path for anyone, and as is demonstrated early on, even more difficult for a mildly-autistic Will.

The Other TIFF: Interview & Info on Toronto’s ‘Slamdance’.


The entire city is gearing up to host the worlds most influential filmmakers. Not only will our city be flocked with Hollywood Elite, it will also play host to some of the most important industry and media representatives in the business. While each of the 300+ movies is vying for the attention of these Big Wigs, this year, there is going to be yet another group of hopeful artists looking to attract attention to their films.

The Toronto Independant Film Festival hopes to gain notoriety this year by running alongside The Big Show, so to speak. Likening itself to TIFF as ‘Slamdance’ is to ‘Sundance’, it’s the perfect alternate for those who think TIFF has become too “Hollywood”.