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Movie Review: In the Name of All Canadians


As Canada celebrates the 150th anniversary of confederation this year, many of us have become reflective of what this country means to us. As we search for our collective identity as a nation, we often have a tendency of remembering only the positive moments that dot our history. What the documentary In the Name of All Canadians does is show us the sometimes ugly reality for some of this country’s citizens. Commissioned by Hot Docs and told through a collection of six short films, the film takes a look at how Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms changed our course as a nation and ensured certain protections. However, what happens when those laws fail us?

enRoute Film Festival FREE Screening



What’s better than flying to a film festival? How about a film festival while you fly! Air Canada knows how to entertain its travelers and is now hosting its seventh annual enRoute Film Festival.

Millions of Air Canada passengers have had the chance to view a cllection of short films on their personal seatback in-flight entertainment system, as well as online at enRoutefilm.com. Voting for the People’s Choice Awards ends on October 31st.

To celebrate the winner enRoute Film Festival is coming down to earth for a free, public screening of the finalists’ films on Wednesday, November 6.

The finalists are: The Worst Day Ever (a magic-realism tragicomedy about a little boys’ impossibly bad day),  Just As I Remember (a young man’s true attempt to understand his father’s struggle with ALS), Godfather Death (an astoundingly well-animated warning about the price of cheating Death) and Walk the Moon (a young girl searches to break free from isolation and find connections with others).

A star-studded jury, including Suzanne Clément, Enrico Colantoni, will select award winners in the categories of Best Short Film, Achievement in Direction, Achievement in Cinematography and Achievement in Animation.

If you enjoy short film and supporting new artists be sure to come out for a short but amazing night!

Images courtesy of enRoute/Air Canada



TUFF – The Film Festival For People On The Go!


It boggles my mind how many Torontonians manage not to attend TIFF (or TIFF for that matter) every year despite it happening all around them. But on the other hand I do get that it’s difficult to make time for movies when you’re rushing around the city on your commute to and from work. If only there was a way for films to come to you…

Enter TUFF, the Toronto Urban Film Festival running September 6th – 16th. If you’ve ever ridden the subway then you’ve probably glanced at the Pattison Onestop screens to see when the next train is coming, maybe paused long enough to see what fresh disaster was being heralded on the news crawl. There are ads and the weather, generally useful information for commuters. But for 10 days, TUFF aims to entertain rather than inform (but there is some informing too). Every 10 minutes your daily news droning will be interrupted by a 1-minute silent film.