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UPDATED: Canadian Film Fest 2016: Jackie Boy


Jackie Boy will be having a one-week theatrical engagement May 5-11 at The Royal Cinema, 608 College St, Toronto.

There comes a time in most of our lives when we meet someone that will change the course we are on.  Sometimes that person saves us from ourselves at the precise moment we need it.  They can make us examine the path we’ve been on and the consequences of our destructive actions.  Director Cody Campanale’s Jackie Boy examines the cost of paying for past mistakes and being unable to emotionally process the difficult moments in our lives in this rough and gritty debut.

TAD 2015: Shut In


With perhaps one of the most intriguing hooks for a film at this year’s Toronto After Dark festival, director Adam Schindler’s Shut In (potentially being renamed to Intruders) has found a new twist on the home invasion story. What if the victim of the invasion was agoraphobic and couldn’t leave the house? This clever premise sets the viewer up for a film that twists and heads in directions that are completely unexpected.

TAD 2015: Patchwork


This year’s Toronto After Dark Festival has a wide-range of horror genre films. Everything from home invasions, haunted houses, zombie apocalypses, to Japanese action flicks show up in the line-up. Adding to that is one of the closing night selections, the body horror comedy film Patchwork, directed by Tyler MacIntyre. This Frankenstein and Re-Animator-inspired story is a humourous revenge tale with a social commentary twist.

TAD 2015: Night of the Living Deb


The zombie film has been done and re-done countless times over the decades and so it can be quite difficult to find an angle that offers up something fresh. Director Kyle Rankin has managed to achieve that with his film Night of the Living Deb, a hilarious and engaging horror-comedy that succeeds largely due to its snappy writing and pitch-perfect performance by lead actress Maria Thayer.

TAD 2015: The Hallow


Over the past five years there has been a steady increase in European countries creating horror films based on their regional folklore. The Finnish film Rare Exports explored their interpretation of Santa Claus, the film Trollhunter from Norway was a mockumentary about trolls, and Thale, another Norwegian film, was about a mythological humanoid creature with a cow-like tale. Next in line is The Hallow, an Irish film about the fantastical creatures that protect the forests.