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Hot Docs 2017 Reviews


We are back again for the 2017 edition of the Hot Docs Film Festival reviewing films, and keeping an ear to the ground to see what has audiences buzzing. Last year’s festival screened two of the nominees for the 2017 Best Documentary Feature Oscar including the eventual winner OJ: Made in America, so there’s no doubt that once again the year’s best docs will be on full display.

Hot Docs 2015: Fractured Land


Unprecedented oil, natural gas, and fracking expansion is currently taking place in northern Alberta and British Columbia. Large energy companies are coming in particular into areas of the provinces that are home to many First Nations communities. With no signs of slowing down, the film Fractured Land follows a young Aboriginal leader and lawyer-in-the-making named Caleb Behn as he works hard to get his certification and learns how fight back against those who are out to contaminate and destroy his home.