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The Stairs Wins Toronto Film Critics Association Award


The Stairs by filmmaker Hugh Gibson has won one of Canada’s biggest film prizes after it was awarded the Toronto Film Critics Association Award. The bruising film about clients and staff at a harm reduction clinic in Toronto had premiered at the 2016 Toronto Film Festival to much acclaim and has gone on to be considered a film of great importance.

TAD 2015: Tales of Halloween


It’s mid October, and cold and darkness are sweeping into the city.   That means it’s time for warmer jackets but also the Toronto After Dark film festival. TAD the best of the fests if you are a horror, SciFi or genre film fan. Offering a little something for everyone, TAD celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, with 9 more nights of goofy, gory, spooky and silly indie feature and short films. The Toronto After Dark Film Festival returns this year for its 10th anniversary. Opening night set the scene for this year’s event by kicking off with the anthology film Tales of Halloween. A group of horror film directors, many of them TAD alumni, came together to create 10 short films that all take place in the same town on Halloween night.

TIFF 2015: Best & Worst of the Fest


So, after all the films we saw, some left us amazed, and some left us empty. Lets round up what we consider to be the best and worst of the fest. Here’s what we think you should see, if you can!

TIFF 2015: Mississippi Grind


Gerry has lost it all. His addiction to gambling is whittling away at everything he had, and his mounting debt threatens to consume him. Meeting Curtis, the young brash poker player, seems like the his big break. If the two of them team up they have the chance to finally strike it rich. But what could be a fun buddy road trip movie,  Mississippi Grind is ultimately a cautionary tale on the dangers of gambling and how easily it can ruin lives. 

TIFF 2015: The Final Girls

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It’s been three years since a tragic accident claimed the life of Max’s mother Amanda Cartwright, former star of the Camp Bloodbath horror franchise. Now through a bizarre sequence of events Max and her friends find themselves trapped in that very same horror series, with no way to escape. They must do everything it takes to stay alive long enough to become… The Final Girls.