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Movie Review: In the Name of All Canadians


As Canada celebrates the 150th anniversary of confederation this year, many of us have become reflective of what this country means to us. As we search for our collective identity as a nation, we often have a tendency of remembering only the positive moments that dot our history. What the documentary In the Name of All Canadians does is show us the sometimes ugly reality for some of this country’s citizens. Commissioned by Hot Docs and told through a collection of six short films, the film takes a look at how Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms changed our course as a nation and ensured certain protections. However, what happens when those laws fail us?

TIFF 2015: Legend

Legend0 (Custom)

London in the 1960s saw swinging parties, sexual liberation, drugs, and organized crime.  This gave way to 2 of the most notorious gangsters in the city’s history.  Twin brothers Reggie and Ronnie Kray created an empire and controlled the East End territory.  Tom Hardy plays both brothers in this violent yet fun recreation of their legendary legacy.

2014 Guide to the Oscars, Nominations, Reviews & our Picks


For moviephiles, such as we are, Oscar Season truly is The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. From the start of September to the end of February our minds are all abuzz with all the buzz. Hollywood prepares itself for a magical night – the stars start to stress over their acceptance speeches and dresses. There’s really not much for us to do besides speculate, speculate, speculate – and we are happy to! It means revisiting some of the best films from 2013, including a good batch from last year’s TIFF.