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Cask Days 2017


Summer has faded, and we’ve said good bye to backyard barbecues and late nights on the local patio. But while some may see the fall as time to start hibernating, I know that it’s the best time of year for beer! Thanks to Cask Days, the fun doesn’t have to end.

TAD 2015: Tales of Halloween


It’s mid October, and cold and darkness are sweeping into the city.   That means it’s time for warmer jackets but also the Toronto After Dark film festival. TAD the best of the fests if you are a horror, SciFi or genre film fan. Offering a little something for everyone, TAD celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, with 9 more nights of goofy, gory, spooky and silly indie feature and short films. The Toronto After Dark Film Festival returns this year for its 10th anniversary. Opening night set the scene for this year’s event by kicking off with the anthology film Tales of Halloween. A group of horror film directors, many of them TAD alumni, came together to create 10 short films that all take place in the same town on Halloween night.

TIFF 2015: Best & Worst of the Fest


So, after all the films we saw, some left us amazed, and some left us empty. Lets round up what we consider to be the best and worst of the fest. Here’s what we think you should see, if you can!

TIFF 2015: Maggie’s Plan


The quirky New York-set comedy is a staple of American independent art house cinema. Every year there seems to be at least one film in this mould trying to break out and find an audience using this formula. This year it’s Rebecca Miller’s latest film Maggie’s Plan. In a premise that has been over-used, indie darling-du-jour Greta Gerwig gives another one of her trademark nutty performances in a film that while not a complete letdown does little to raise itself above the many others that have come before it.

TIFF 2015: Room


In addition to being one of the films we were most excited to see, Room ended up being the sleeper hit of the festival, selling out all of it’s Big Theatre shows, and winning the People’s Choice Award along the way, and with good reason. We’ve heard nothing but praise for the two main actors in this film – and if an Oscar nod doesn’t come their way it would be a shame. A celebration of love, this film is no-holds-barred emotional powerhouse, and one of the most affecting films we’ve all seen in a long time.