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UPDATED: Canadian Film Fest 2016: Jackie Boy


Jackie Boy will be having a one-week theatrical engagement May 5-11 at The Royal Cinema, 608 College St, Toronto.

There comes a time in most of our lives when we meet someone that will change the course we are on.  Sometimes that person saves us from ourselves at the precise moment we need it.  They can make us examine the path we’ve been on and the consequences of our destructive actions.  Director Cody Campanale’s Jackie Boy examines the cost of paying for past mistakes and being unable to emotionally process the difficult moments in our lives in this rough and gritty debut.

TIFF 2014: Cake Review


In a dramatic turn Jennifer Aniston plays Claire, a surly chronic-pain sufferer dealing with the pieces of her broken life. After a fellow member of her support group (Anna Kendrick) commits suicide Claire becomes intrigued by the woman’s life and choices. She barrels her way into an unlikely friendship with the woman’s husband (Sam Worthington) and begins to learn another way to live. 

TAD 2013 Review: Cheap Thrills


Cheap Thrills is a dark-hearted comedy thriller about just how low people will go for money.  Former writer Craig is down on his luck and suddenly in need of a lot of cash fast. Desperate avoidance of the situation finds him a a bar and so does former friend Vince . But the friendly reunion is cut short when an obscenely wealthy couple takes interest in the two men. Things escalate quickly and lead to a stomach-turning wild ride. While not for the faint of heart, Cheap Thrills is a crazy must-see.

Toronto After Dark Spotlight: The Dirties


With the official start of Toronto After Dark only weeks away, the organizers have been working hard to drum up excitement for their 8th year. The spotlight screenings have been a great chance for newcomers to get a taste of what the festival is all about. While The Dirties had originally been intended for TIFF’s Midnight Madness programming it didn’t make the deadlines. A new film as dark and fresh as this though absolutely deserves a spotlight, and fortunately Toronto After Dark is here to offer it.

The Dirties is a film-within-a-film about two high school boys making a revenge fantasy movie about the bullies in their school.  They are in turn captured in a sort of making-of style by a handi-cam wielding friend, and so we watch as idle fantasy slowly becomes terrible reality. Both boys are pop-culture cinema junkies, but it becomes clear quickly that one of them is not joking.