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Spotlight On: Craft Beer Passport 2017


Whenever I go to a new place, the first thing I look up is the list of local breweries and craft beer bars. I find it the quickest way to get to know the cool areas of town, and get a feel for the nightlife. I also find that when you live in a place, you can get stuck in your neighborhood and miss out on some really cool venues that really aren’t all that far away. Enter the Craft Beer Passport – your ticket to beer exploration! What originally began as a paper booklet, then became a choice of booklets, has evolved again to meet the needs of our changing times. The Craft Beer Passport is back for 2017 – now in app form!

Toronto Festival of Beer 2015

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There is a lot to love about the summer in Toronto, with countless opportunities for fun and relaxation. But my favourite annual summer event happens in my own backyard – the Toronto Festival of Beer. Every year the Exhibition grounds become a paradise for beer lovers, and I am proudly one of them.

Summer Craft Beer Fest 2015

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July has finally seen hot weather in Toronto, and that means it’s time to drink beer outside! And one thing has become apparent pretty quickly – Liberty Villagers love craft beer! In the last year we’ve seen the arrival of both The Local, and The Craft, with Big Rock and 3 Brewers next up, spoiling us for choice when it comes to watering holes. But with summer finally upon us the last thing we want to do is sit at a bar when we could be out in the sun. Enter the Summer Craft Beer Fest!

Spotlight On: Craft Beer Passport 2015

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In case you hadn’t noticed, craft beer is kind of a big deal in Toronto these days. Between all of the tasting festivals and soon-to-be beer sections in grocery stores, it’s getting easier than ever to try all the beers! But bars in the city deserve major credit for having sparked the trend, by promoting craft beer on their menues, and making it accessible to the uninitiated.

Last year, to give those venues their own attention and love, the Craft Beer Passport was born. A brew-based treasure map, the Passport was the Torontonian’s guide to craft beer friendly bars in neighborhoods all around town. Now, as the 2015 patio season begins in earnest, we’re happy to announce that the Craft Beer Passport is back for a second year!  I spoke with Craft Beer Passport creator Mike Stulberg to get the inside scoop on the passport’s success, and what we can expect this year.

Roundhouse Winter Craft Beer Festival


There’s a natural inclination to hibernate when the thermometer drops, so it’s no wonder that the bountiful festivals of summer dry up quickly. But our thirsts certainly don’t dry up. And if Canadians are anything it’s resilient when it comes to the cold (‘cept me) and so a little sub-zero weather isn’t going to keep us from our craft beer. The lovely folk at Steam Whistle know that, and so we bundled into our warmest gear for the Roundhouse Winter Craft Beer Festival!