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Cask Days 2017


Summer has faded, and we’ve said good bye to backyard barbecues and late nights on the local patio. But while some may see the fall as time to start hibernating, I know that it’s the best time of year for beer! Thanks to Cask Days, the fun doesn’t have to end.

Cask Days 2015


As the beer renaissance continues in Toronto and beyond, we are offered a wealth of opportunities to experience the creativity of brewers.  But for the truly dedicated consumer, you can eventually feel that you’ve tried everything. Toronto’s BarVolo helps keep that feeling at bay with its ever rotating taps and experiences. It seems a logical extension that they are the annual host of one of the city’s most unique beer experiences. Pouring one-off and specially conditioned beers, Cask Days offers the chance to experience some truly once in a lifetime brews. 

Cask Days 2014


For the most passionate of beer connoisseurs, October is the most wonderful time of the year. We start first by Oktoberfesting, but then we get down to serious business. While the countless other beer events we’ve covered do provide copious sampling opportunities, Cask Days is a very specific experience for the dedicated drinker. Brewers come from all over Canada and even the world to present us with unique once-in-a-lifetime tastings.