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Movie Review: In the Name of All Canadians


As Canada celebrates the 150th anniversary of confederation this year, many of us have become reflective of what this country means to us. As we search for our collective identity as a nation, we often have a tendency of remembering only the positive moments that dot our history. What the documentary In the Name of All Canadians does is show us the sometimes ugly reality for some of this country’s citizens. Commissioned by Hot Docs and told through a collection of six short films, the film takes a look at how Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms changed our course as a nation and ensured certain protections. However, what happens when those laws fail us?

Truth is Better Than Fiction: An inside look at “Our Man In Tehran”


TIFF has always drawn in buzz-worthy films, and in 2012 the opening night feature Argo was no exception. It made waves as we learned for the first time of how Hollywood and the CIA saved 6 diplomats from certain death in Iran.  Argo is based on the story of Tony Mendez, the CIA agent in charge of the operation, and how he was assisted in the mission by film producers and Canadian diplomat Ken Taylor. It was a beautifully crafted film, but if you were in Toronto that year you probably heard the collective grumbling of those more familiar with the historical events (not to mention Ken’s lack of an invite to the premier).   Now in 2013 enter the documentary Our Man In Tehran.  It is the opportunity to tell the true story of how instrumental Ken, and many other Canadians truly were in what is known by some as Argo, but by many as The Canadian Caper.  I sat down with co-director Drew Taylor (who worked with Larry Weinstein on the project) and executive producer Elena Semikina for an exclusive chat about the making of Our Man In Tehran.