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2017 Inside Out Film Festival Reviews


It’s time for the 27th edition of the Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film Festival and I’m back reviewing a selection of the films screening during this year’s event. This is always a highlight for me among the many film festivals that Toronto hosts throughout the year. It always promises to showcase some of the best offerings in LGBT cinema.

Inside Out 2016 Review: Same Difference


Every day, in schools across the world, LGBT youth face hostile and unsafe environments. They are subjected to bullying, harassment, and often times violence. While much of this comes from their peers, they also face discrimination from the people they are supposed to be able to trust: teachers, schoolboard faculty, and parents. This leaves kids feeling rejected, lonely, and isolated and they hope with all their might that their friends won’t abandon them. When the Anoka-Hennepin School District in Minnesota enacted their “No Promo Homo” policy of neutrality and denial, they set off a chain reaction that saw nine students commit suicide within a two-year span. Joshua Sweeny’s documentary Same Difference examines the tragedy first hand through interviews with those who lived through it and by exposing the stunning stubborn and homophobic negligence of those in control. It also accomplishes a rare feat in films about bullying in that it provides solutions that will work. This is an important piece of work that demands to be seen.

Inside Out 2016: Top 5 Picks


The Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film Festival is back for its 26th edition and it’s always one of my most anticipated events of the year.  As a lover of film and a member of the LGBT community myself, I look forward to seeing the newest and best of gay cinema from around the world.  To help narrow down the offerings, here are my Top 5 picks that I recommend catching at this year’s event.  Each of these resonated with me for a variety of reasons and are all guaranteed to be enjoyable crowd-pleasers.