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The Stairs Wins Toronto Film Critics Association Award


The Stairs by filmmaker Hugh Gibson has won one of Canada’s biggest film prizes after it was awarded the Toronto Film Critics Association Award. The bruising film about clients and staff at a harm reduction clinic in Toronto had premiered at the 2016 Toronto Film Festival to much acclaim and has gone on to be considered a film of great importance.

Oscars 2015, our picks and favourites from TIFF


Well, award season is in full swing, and the best is yet to come – the Academy Awards. Not unexpectedly there are lots of fantastic films being highlighted that were showcased at TIFF 2014. Here’s our top picks for the winners, as well as highlighting some of our favourite TIFF alumni of the last year.

2014 Guide to the Oscars – Best Supporting Roles


Receiving a Best Supporting Oscar is just as High Praise as winning one for a Lead Role. Often these actors and actressess take on characters that have just a few scenes to make their presence impactful (Judi Dench as Queen Elizabeth comes to mind, all eight minutes of it). These actors usually provide very strong, very emotional performances that, if done expertly, leave you talking about them, instead of the main characters.

2014 Guide to the Oscars – Best Foreign, Best Effects & More


When it comes to Movie Snobbery, I can think of nothing more fitting than a discussion about foreign films. True movie connoisseurs devour foreign film with as much vigor as the unwashed masses devour Hollywood Blockbusters. Film Hipsters (such as ourselves) boast endlessly about our favourite Icelandic Director (Baltazar Kormakur) or Danish Screenwriter (Anders Thomas Jensen, obviously), but when it comes right down to it – the odds of having seen all of the nominated films for Best Foreign Feature are slim.

2014 Guide to the Oscars, Nominations, Reviews & our Picks


For moviephiles, such as we are, Oscar Season truly is The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. From the start of September to the end of February our minds are all abuzz with all the buzz. Hollywood prepares itself for a magical night – the stars start to stress over their acceptance speeches and dresses. There’s really not much for us to do besides speculate, speculate, speculate – and we are happy to! It means revisiting some of the best films from 2013, including a good batch from last year’s TIFF.