Summertime drinking opportunities abound while we experience some actually decent weather. Patios are open, and of course you can pack up your beverages and relax at the cottage. But when you’re standing in the beer aisle trying to do your all-important shopping, or looking at a menu, it can be hard to decide what to grab. The craft beer industry is booming, and we are spoiled for choice. Fortunately event organizers in the city make sure we have ample opportunity to try the hoppy goodness all around us, with a beerfest almost every weekend of summer. And for those who prefer a more intimate gathering Liberty Village’s Market Building was home to a festival focusing exclusively on some of our favourite craft brewers.

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Summer Craft Beer Fest in Liberty Village is exactly that, a celebration of artisan brewers looking to grow their audience.  It’s also a wonderful opportunity for Villagers to relax in their gorgeous neighborhood instead of just breezing through to and from work. The Liberty Village Market Building is host to a wide variety of business, from fitness to sweets, dance to furniture (and soon a butcher shop as well). They were able to take advantage of the increased foot traffic to highlight their wares.

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Most of the city’s favourite brews were present…

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…and some from further a field.

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There was even some tasty Brickworks cider for those that needed a break from all the hops.

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There were almost 20 participating breweries and so no cups went empty.  Half a glass was $1, while $2 got you a full pour. The vendors were well-stocked and lines were short.

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A few busted out their seasonal and session brews. It was a great chance to experience some fun experiments in addition to their crowd-pleasers.

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It’s not a festival without food and entertainment, and we were treated to both.

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There were even some prizes, courtesy of (my favourite radio station) Indie 88. There was also the opportunity to try out my new favourite app, Tab. Paying for dinner just got a whole lot easier!

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All in all it was a fantastic way to wind down from work, and to see the faces of our city and province’s brewers. It was also a taste adventure and one that I can’t wait to repeat next year.

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 Our Gallery from Liberty Village Summer Craft Beer Fest 2014