I’m not a terribly fashion conscious person, but I do enjoy the occasional flair item to keep things interesting. And in the current resurgence of craft everything, why not craft socks?

The first time I encountered Yo Sox I was delighted by the sense of whimsy demonstrated by the cute designs. I snagged a pair of moustache socks and wore them as much as possible during Movember. The physical quality of the socks is something that I am pleased with as well – durability is an overlooked quality in a sock, given how much work we put them through every day.  Suffice to say I love this product and so I reached out to them, to feature them next in our Spotlight series. I chatted with the Yo Sox team in December at their Queen West pop-up, and followed up with an interview.

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Who is Yo Sox?

Yo Sox is premium sock brand fueled by group of creative sock aficionados whose mission is to make feet fashionable and fun.  Founded in the summer of 2013, our Toronto-based brand has quickly become one of the fastest growing and most popular sock brands and can be found in more than 3,000+ marque and specialty retailers throughout North America. Most notable partnering with Canada’s leading department store Hudson Bay Company as well as our ecommerce website, www.yo-sox.com.

How long have you been in the business, and what have been your biggest hurdles?
Summer 2013, at Yo Sox we love a good challenge, we are on a mission to create a household brand. This takes time but we are extremely excited about the momentum and attention we have garnered in such a short time since our launch.

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So…why socks?
The better question is why not socks?  Socks are just as important in expressing one’s sense of style or individuality as a well-tailored suit.  Boring black socks don’t exactly tell the world you’re fashion conscious.  On the other hand, a pair or our colorfully patterned or conversation starting novelty designs, whether paired with jeans or a suit, conveys one’s fashion sensibilities in a bold way.


We love your designs! Who comes up with them, and how do you decide on patterns?
We have a small but mighty and uber-creative team of designers in Home Office in Toronto.  Designs are developed in a collaborative effort, drawing inspiration from fashion trends and pop-culture.

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Which have been your biggest sellers and why do you think that is?
Our novelty designs have an edge and our customer seem love our food socks! After all who wouldn’t want to wear bacon and eggs on their feet?  Four of our more popular styles for women are Night Owl and Oui-Oui and for men, Ka-Pow and Cha-Ching.

owl oui

How has the Soxscripton service been received?
Based on the response to the program I’d have to say our customers love it.  A Soxcription makes a great gift for every occasion and everyone (even yourself)!  With our wide selection of everyday and specialty holiday designs, the lucky recipient receives just the right pair at the just the right time.

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What do you think will be the next big trend for socks?
Styles and trends are always changing and so too will our designs to reflect the changes in fashion and pop-culture.  Above all else we are focused on delivering well-constructed, high quality designs at affordable price points.

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As the proud owner of several pairs of Yo Sox I can safely say that this is a brand that I can’t wait to see keep growing!

Photos courtesy of Yo Sox and Matt Barnes