Being as obsessed with food as I am I have a tendency to visit a lot of food shows, at which I’m always watching for the next great addition to my fridge and pantry. No. 7 Mexican Hot Sauce has been making its presence known in the city, and so I’ve encountered its delicious heat more than a few times and finally reached out to Carlos Flores and Sandra DaSilva learn a how they make such a great product.  

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Who is No 7 Mexican Hot Sauce?
Sandra: No.7 Mexican Hot Sauce is a husband  and wife project that started officially March of 2013. Having hot sauce on the table was always a part of every meal for Carlos and his upbringing. For myself hot sauce was never ever on the table or added to food in any shape or form.  I didn’t understand why anyone would want to add torture to their food.

Fast forward to 2001 when Carlos and I were married and wanting to be a good wife I started to prepare dinner and decided to use spicy peppers but that didn’t last long as my fingers were on FIRE!!!  A few more years later he started to share with me this spicy pickled veg thing that he and his family make all the time, which later he decided to blend and thus creating his very own hot sauce that would soon turn into No.7 Mexican Hot Sauce. Since then we have marketed our sauces through consumer trade shows, independent shops, markets and just about anywhere people invite us to. Social media has also been huge for us, allowing us to connect with people from everywhere.
How long have you been in the business, and what have been your biggest hurdles?
No.7 Mexican Hot Sauce Inc. is not something we came up with but rather something that was already a recipe in Carlos’ family since forever he just decide to flip the idea into a hot sauce and market it to the public who enjoy heat and flavour with clean ingredients.  And making it a first of its kind: Mexican Hot Sauce made in Toronto. We don’t worry too much about the next step but take it day by day, as it’s much less stressful to do so and solve every hurdle as it comes.

So…why hot sauce?
Carlos: Not sure but could only say it’s in me to make. I’m Mexican and everything we make has so much flavour and even if it’s minor there’s always some kind of spice added to just about everything. So naturally all my sauces have both; flavour and heat.

Tell us about the development process of the flavours.
Carlos: Well all the sauces come from my childhood dishes and salsas.  So whether it’s the Habanero or the Pasilla, both offer heat and flavour. The Pasilla being much less spicier vs the Habanero which is much much hotter.  


Which have been your biggest sellers and why do you think that is?
Our biggest seller is usually anything with Habanero which is probably because it’s nice and fruity while still offering a high heat which most chilli-heads love!  Our Habanero Garlic is one of the most popular and usually is the first to sell out at any event we attend.  Recently we have started to bring our Habanero + Ghost to the market and people go nuts.  (Angelina’s note: I’ve tried the Habanero Garlic and it is amaaaaazing)

What do you think will be the next big trend for hot sauces?
The next big trend for sauces… I believe the next wave of hot sauces will have to be flavourful and hot meaning that people don’t just want to add a sauce with heat that dies out almost as fast as you taste it.  Hot sauces must be naturally flavourful with a good heat, while lingering on your palate inviting back for some more.


You can get your No. 7 Mexican Hot Sauce at a variety of Toronto locations or even through their online shop.

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