British gore-comedy? Sign me up! This is one Chantelle picked up, and again she managed to grab something that was absolutely perfect. Part of the new Vanguard program, Sightseers is an examination of what happens when two passive-aggressive, morally damaged, co-dependent people go on holiday together. It is a brutal comedy that is one part Falling Down, one part Hot Fuzz (not surprising given Edgar Wright received a producer credit). The comedy is raw and pokes fun at the impulse we all have to exact revenge for all slights, real or perceived.

But (thankfully) just as in Falling Down the characters are presented as flawed, deranged and sad. As is the case with most anti-heroes you can’t help but hope that they make a clean getaway despite the mounting body-count they leave strewn across the idyllic British countryside.

Originally conceived as a stage play, and then a short film, Sightseers was brought to the big screen by director Ben Wheatley with (I feel) great success. I can’t imagine that it won’t be a huge hit when it hits the theatres. It hits the perfect sweet spot of vicarious thrills with a broad enough moral lesson that we don’t have to feel bad about laughing so hard.