Things are off and running! The stars are arriving and the streets are flooded with people craning their necks to spot them. Only time will tell what the reaction to Looper was, but as I said, I sure hope it’s positive.

Not having tickets to opening night is a bummer, but the festival is 10 days long and I’m already seeing 13 films. Things will really get started tomorrow, once the screenings open to the public. Already companies are out on the street, offering samples and gifts to crowds. Last year I remember Lindor Chocolates reps unwravelling truffles into our hands, and two years ago a giant Energizer Bunny “vending machine” gifting me a pair of slippers. I can’t wait to see what goodies I’ll receive this year. So far: popcorn.

Chantelle and I got our festival off with a low-key but very appropriate start: dinner in the Lightbox, at Luma. They’ve done up a festival-themed menu and I enjoyed a cocktail named for the opening night film. The food was great, though service was embarrassingly slow.

Then we ventured into Queen West for the opening night Overdrive Launch Party at The Drake Hotel. The lineup outside was almost as fun as the party itself – we watched people get random (and free) tattoos, courtesy of a team from Sailor Jerry. We also watched a cab driver back into and knock over a motorcycle. Drama!

Once inside we were just in time for The Darcys’ set. They were amazing, bringing a great sound to a pretty packed space and very receptive crowd.

Overall I say the night was a rousing success. I am so excited for the days to come!