Made With Love Toronto 2014

Is there anything more to love than an open bar? How about a gorgeous room full of local master mixologists, all working to amaze and delight your senses by crafting potent and imaginative cocktails? And then those cocktails are offered freely, without the hassle of drink tickets? If that sounds like your idea of a good time, then you must make your way to the next installment of MadeWithLove. For now though, comfort yourself with our gallery from their most recent visit to Toronto.  After its stints in Montreal and Mexico, MadeWithLove returned to Toronto!  Since 2009 they’ve hosted over 30 cocktail competitions, each a chance for our hogtown bartenders to show their stuff.  The organizers narrowed down the competitors to 16 of the city’s finest mixologists and set them up at the Liberty Grand.
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Each bartender got to choose from the list of sponsor spirits, which included Hendricks, SKYY Vodka, Appleton Estates, Canadian Club, Campari, Jim Bean, Courvisier, and 1800 Tequila. With such a variety I don’t know how I’d have chosen, but somehow they did, and then let their creativity run wild!There drinks with foam, drinks with smoke, one that was consumed in three courses – the options were truly dizzying.
             IMG_7143 (Small)    IMG_7174 (Small)    IMG_7180 (Small)

Ultimately winners had to be chosen.  Public’s Choice:

1. Michael Mooney – Geraldine
IMG_7081 (Small)
2. Aaron Beaudoin – Rock Lobster (Queen St.)
IMG_7196 (Small)
3. Adrian Stein – Boots & Bourbon (with a doughnut assist from SmashCake
IMG_7111 (Small)

Judge’s Choice
1. Jay Meyers – Hudson Kitchen
IMG_7027 (Small)

2. Adrian Stein – Boots & Bourbon
3. Michael Mooney – Geraldine

My personal favourite though was from Shane Fisher of College Street Bar. Aqua De La Vida had citrus juice, chocolate bitters, and smoked paprika. It blew my mind and made my night! IMG_7163 (Small)

Aside from meeting some very creative people and trying a lot of tasty drinks, I’ve also come away from the experience wanting expand my own personal bar at home. There are so many new cocktails to create, and Toronto’s mixologists can show us the way!

 Our Gallery from MadeWithLove Toronto 2014 at the Liberty Grand

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.