Another year of celebrating Toronto Female Chefs while supporting a fantastic cause. Eat To The Beat 2015 was by all accounts, a rousing success. Roy Thompson Hall was once again filled with foodies and chefs alike, all celebrating the best of Toronto cuisine while raising funds for Willow.

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If you’ve never heard of this fantastic annual event, or attend every year, Eat To The Beat celebrated it’s 20th year in style. With a batch of new faces, alongside veterans, this celebration of female talent was a blast, as ever.

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The food this year was a step above, with most offerings being fantastic seasonal dishes, using duck, apples and (as in the above photo) Pumpkins.

Of course, there wasn’t just food to enjoy, the wine and beer were flowing as well.

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And what’s not to love about Dufflet Rosenberg and her delightful treats?

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Eat To The Beat is the main fundraiser for Willow Breast & Hereditary Cancer Support. Every year it helps raise hundreds of thousands of dollars that goes towards opperating Willow’s FREE programs for people struggling with cancers. To date, in twenty years, ETTB has raised nearly $4 Million for this charity – proving the that power of community, and supporting strong independent women really can pay off for everyone.

To learn more about Eat To The Beat, or Willow, visit their site. To see more tasty food photos from the event, see our gallery below.