Another year, and another culinary experience to rival all others has passed.  The Delicious Food Show has ended for 2013, but it is not forgotten.  Droves of Torontonians descended on the Exhibition grounds’ Better Living Centre for 3 days of delicious treats and fascinating demos from vendors near and far.  If you missed the day, or just want to relive your great time, check out a day at the Delicious Food Show in pictures. 

Delicious arrangement
Martha Stewart pumpkin carving
Carved watermelon







The Better Living Centre is no small space and it was packed to the gills with vendors.  I have to say though that while Saturday was a madhouse on Sunday it was very easy to get around and see everything, with little in the way of lines. The sheer volume of products on display is almost overwhelming so I took a systematic approach to make sure I saw (and ate/drank) everything.

Spooky Corona
Spicy guacamole
Local cheeses







French macarons
Giant paella
The BEST curry, from Chef Nuit







There was no shortage of demos and personality appearances. I missed Martha (she breezed through on Friday afternoon but was able to sit down for Nadia G’s mobile Bitchin’ Kitchen. She has a great sense of showmanship, and the pasta dish and cocktail she produced looked amazing!

Nadia G!
Suddenly shirtless men!
Bitchin’ cookin’







You gatta have olive oil
Brie and strawberry puffs
A Spicy mojito









The finale event was the fourth and final round of Abbey’s Kitchen Stadium in support of My Food My Way. The finalists were Bruce Woods, Rodney Bowers, Dustin Gallagher, and the wild card (fan favourite) Matt Basile.

As always a secret ingredient was announced and this round it was BEEEEEER!  Or, more specifically, Samuel Adams!  The chefs were hard at work because they had an especially prestigious judges panel this round including no less than Suser Lee, Christine Cushing, David Rocca, John Chiles, and Leslie Roberts!  After a tense battle Dustin pulled the win with an Osyter Po Boy to die for!

Abbey reveals the secret ingredient
Suser Lee…judging
WINNER Dustin Gallagher!









I definitely ate my fill at 2013’s Delicious Food Show, and now that I’m over my food coma I am already waiting for next year!

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