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Spotlight On: Craft Beer Passport 2017


Whenever I go to a new place, the first thing I look up is the list of local breweries and craft beer bars. I find it the quickest way to get to know the cool areas of town, and get a feel for the nightlife. I also find that when you live in a place, you can get stuck in your neighborhood and miss out on some really cool venues that really aren’t all that far away. Enter the Craft Beer Passport – your ticket to beer exploration! What originally began as a paper booklet, then became a choice of booklets, has evolved again to meet the needs of our changing times. The Craft Beer Passport is back for 2017 – now in app form!

Spotlight On: No. 7 Mexican Hot Sauce

no7 logo

Being as obsessed with food as I am I have a tendency to visit a lot of food shows, at which I’m always watching for the next great addition to my fridge and pantry. No. 7 Mexican Hot Sauce has been making its presence known in the city, and so I’ve encountered its delicious heat more than a few times and finally reached out to Carlos Flores and Sandra DaSilva learn a how they make such a great product.  

Spotlight On: Yo Sox

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I’m not a terribly fashion conscious person, but I do enjoy the occasional flair item to keep things interesting. And in the current resurgence of craft everything, why not craft socks?

The first time I encountered Yo Sox I was delighted by the sense of whimsy demonstrated by the cute designs. I snagged a pair of moustache socks and wore them as much as possible during Movember. The physical quality of the socks is something that I am pleased with as well – durability is an overlooked quality in a sock, given how much work we put them through every day.  Suffice to say I love this product and so I reached out to them, to feature them next in our Spotlight series. I chatted with the Yo Sox team in December at their Queen West pop-up, and followed up with an interview.

OOAK Xmas Show 2014 & Vintage Ornament Workshop


Celebrating it’s 40th year of highlighting local and international artists and artisans, the Toronto One of a Kind Christmas Show & Sale is an annual favourite of mine to visit, and this year offered even more to do, see, and shop for! I started the day off at one of the three Hands-On Workshops that OOAK was offering this year – presented by Coy Depot, making vintage stamped Christmas Ornaments.

Sonic Boom


You know those CD Towers/shelves that IKEA sells?  The Gnedby units seen here?  Yeah…I have four of those in my apartment filled to the gills with CDs.  To say nothing of the two crates of full-sized vinyl records, as well as the separate crate of 7-inch vinyl singles, and the collection of miscellaneous odds-and-ends in my iTunes collection.  Needless to say, music collecting is a bit of a hobby of mine, and making the pilgrimage to Toronto’s Sonic Boom is my act of plugging back into the source.