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Cask Days 2017


Summer has faded, and we’ve said good bye to backyard barbecues and late nights on the local patio. But while some may see the fall as time to start hibernating, I know that it’s the best time of year for beer! Thanks to Cask Days, the fun doesn’t have to end.

Spotlight On: Toronto Festival of Beer


This weekend brings us one of the city’s time-honoured traditions – the Toronto Festival of Beer. In anticipation of the big event, let’s take a look back at Beerfests gone by.

Summer Lady Beer Festival 2017

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Impossible as it may seem, summer is finally upon us. Which means it’s time for beer festivals a-plenty! Trying something new, the Society of Beer Drinking Ladies advertised a first for the city – a beer festival on the Toronto Island! Sadly, it wasn’t meant to be, as flooding has kept the Island closed even as our weather has steadily improved. Nevertheless, they persisted, and were able to pull off the festival as planned on the mainland instead. 

SOBDL – All Ladies Craft Beer Festival


The craft beer scene in Toronto is one that is ever welcoming to the newcomer. However, for many ladies it still seems to be an intimidating bro-party and scares off those that might otherwise be interested in broadening their beverage horizons.  Enter the Society of Beer Drinking Ladies (SOBDL) with one simple goal – bring ladies that drink craft beer together with other lady craft beer drinkers. They host their Bevy events once a month, but last year they began an ambitious new venture – the All Ladies Craft Beer Festival!

Made With Love – 2017


This past Monday one of my favorite events of the year rolled around – the Toronto finals of the Made With Love cocktail competition. The preeminent mixology destination, Made With Love showcased Toronto’s best and brightest for an unforgettable night.