The best party I can think of features beer, meats and cheeses. But visiting individual breweries, cheese mongers and butchers to put together the perfect selection takes time, so I jumped at the chance to attend an event specifically highlighting those three items and more.  IMG_6826

The first annual Canadian Artisan Tasting Fair took place at Wychwood Barns and drew a crowd of discerning shoppers.

There were local cheeses,IMG_6794

Traditionally aged charcuterie,IMG_6788

Artisanal bread,IMG_6803

Ontario craft beers,IMG_6815

Amazing food truck items,IMG_6796

And even doughnuts!IMG_6811

The highlight of the event was being able to interact with the artists who had crafted these delights. They were clearly proud of their work!IMG_6806

While at $35 ticket it is a hefty investment to start, there was no shortage of sampling opportunities, and even if you came on an empty stomach you left full and happy. I heard more than a few people say (in a completely satisfied voice and holding heavy shopping bags) “I’m all cheese’d out!”.

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