Author: Vito Purpura

Fan Expo 2014


When so large an event as Fan Expo sets up shop it’s hard not to notice. What may have started out catering to a niche market now appeals to all types.  Comic books endure, but horror fans can now meet their idols, next to Star Trek stars and Freddy Kruger. Costumed people roam the streets, and fans of all sorts get to spend four full days validating their hobbies. With that level of near universal appeal it’s no surprise that Fan Expo only seems to grow each year. Being a fan of most things that Fan Expo has to offer I packed up my kit, reviewed my survival guide, and attended all four days!

Fan Expo: A Survival Guide

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Ever had one of those days where you’re downtown and suddenly a Storm Trooper walks past you? Chances are you were near Fan Expo and very close to having the greatest weekend ever. Every summer the city offers up a weekend of entertainment and play that lets you feel like a kid again. Comics, anime, movies, horror, games – Fan Expo doesn’t discriminate but instead caters to everyone’s geeky desires. But not everyone has taken a trip to fan heaven, perhaps because they unsure how to brave such a massive event. For those of you who are finally ready to take the plunge we have your ultimate guide to surviving the weekend and having the most fun possible.

FanExpo 2013 Photos & Fun. Geek Paradise.

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Fan Expo is the most wonderful time of year for all things comic, sci-fi, horror, anime and gaming. Held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, it is a glorious time for all things geeky.

In previous years things have been packed into a small space leading to long waits and unhappy ticket holders. This year with the both the north and south buildings of the MTTC being used things were much more spread out than before. While this did involve a lot more walking it was worth it.

In the north building the all new Fan Expo sports area was set up. I didn’t spend much time there as I am not much of a sports fan but it did seem to get a fair bit of traffic. Also set up in the north building was the 501st Imperial Storm Trooper Legion, the Doctor Who Society of Canada and all of the celebrity autographs.