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Angelina Earley
Co-Founder, Head Writer

Freelance Writer, Amateur Photographer and Pop-Culture Enthusiast. I have a deep love of film, food, and fabulous gatherings. It seems only natural that most of what I have to say is about stories I’ve enjoyed and meals I’ve savoured. So, logical was my stint as BlogTO Restaurant Reviewer.

I’m always on the go, but want to hear from readers and potential employers. Please drop me a line anytime if you have questions, comments, want to hire me, or use my articles or photos on your page/blog. You can connect with me on one of these sites:



Chantelle Joy Otto
Co-Founder, Editor & Site Admin

Freelance Blogger, Amateur Web Designer and Full-Time Mom. I’ve been writing online for over a decade, for fun & profit.
Including coverage for TIFF 2011.

While I might not be at the forefront of the content on TheRoamingLife I’m always here behind the scenes making sure the cogs are turning. Drop me a line, or tweet anytime.



Jason Stamp
Staff Writer, Literary and Entertainment Specialty.

Jason is a graduate of the Media Arts film and television program at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario. He currently works in advertising but is a life-long film buff, with interests in seeking out the best in world cinema. He has been attending TIFF since 2001 and has also been a Festival volunteer.




Contributing Writers



Gabriel Nylund

Writer, Toronto Events.
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A graduate of the University of Toronto’s English program and holder of Masters in Education from Canisius College in Buffalo, Gabriel is an avid consumer and communicator of culture. His hobbies include a voracious amount of reading, as well as listening to music and various podcasts. At the heart of his love affair with Toronto is the belief that it will never stop having something interesting for him to do. He’s a bit of an oddball.


Raniel Paran
Writer, Toronto Events.
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Event go-er, entertainment enthusiast, food & arts lover, and an amateur photographer. Raniel is a University of Toronto graduate with a passion for exploring what Toronto has to offer. Raniel loves to learn new things and is willing to try/do just about anything.


vito profile pic
Vito Purpura
Writer, Comic & Sci-Fi Events Specialty.
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Vito is the go-to source for all things geeky, offering enthusiastic specialty coverage for sci-fi, comic, and fantasy conventions and events. Vito has an eye for the creative and unique, and as a budding photographer offers vast galleries to fully immerse and engage in the events or attractions he covers.